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Hybrid worlds for interactive storytelling



DATE: June, 2014

CATEGORY: Design, Development

ROLE: System and Interaction design, Backend

TOOLS: PHP , C# , Unix/Servers , Unity3D


Nabazland was crated with a goal to design physical and virtual objects as sysmts which interactive with each other. Each sub system, or module was developed individually by the team members and than incorporated into final product. My resonsabilities in the project were the system design and parts of the interactive storytelling.

System Architecture

As part of the project an ambient electronic device, Nabaztag, was used. This is a commercial product, which was available between 2005 and 2009. Since the product is no longer supported and the server closed, my part was to bring the bunny back to life. Majority of the functionality available, as parts of old server code are accessible as open-source. In this project, a limited version server was rebuild and run in order to support RFID,(voice) messaging and mechanical ears positions features. A total of 3 bunnies were used in the experiment as they do communicated with each other and the digital enviourment itself.